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  • Minimum Deposit: 25$
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 1$
  • Profitability: from 4% per day
  • Referral Program: 5% - 2% - 1%
  • Start date: 22.09.2023
  • Работал: 7 days
  • Added to blog: 23.09.2023
  • Мониторили: 6 days
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Payment systems
Manual - Regulation within 24 hours. Payment type
The Project That Halted Payments (A Scam 29.09.2023). Insurance fund amount — 500$. Order compensation.
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  • Important Information Before Ordering a Bonus

We've enriched our blog with a high-yield project called Swagronomy, where the marketing works on the principle of a piggy bank, which means complete investor freedom.

Let's delve into a more detailed overview of the project through our text review.

Externally and technically, the website is designed fairly simply, without frills.

The investment project Swagronomy started on September 22, 2023. The administration has chosen a strategy of gradual development, which is absolutely the right decision. Join the promotion among the first. Get in early – earn more!

The company Swagronomy is engaged in agriculture investment.

We've added a new high-yielder with a piggy bank feature to our blog, and it's just beginning its development. The project's website is standard and user-friendly, and investing is available through a range of popular payment systems. Since it's a piggy bank, you can withdraw the deposit at ANY time, with the standout feature being the early withdrawal option with a 20% commission, giving investors practically FULL FREEDOM! It's important to set a reasonable bar and learn to lock in profits where possible. We always adhere to diversification rules, don't deposit the entire sum, spread it across projects, and leave some for a new one, which may appear shortly. Wishing you successful and profitable investments! We've created a Telegram chat, so join us and share your deposits and payouts!

Investment plans

The investment offer consists of two plans. The key feature of the marketing is that the deposit principal can be withdrawn at any time with a penalty, but the deposit term is 20 days. In practice, the first tariff is the most relevant, as it has the lowest entry threshold. It follows the piggy bank marketing, allowing you to lock in profits at any convenient moment, but with a -20% penalty.

Minimum deposit amount: $25.

Minimum withdrawal: $1 for ePC, $5 LTC / TRX / USDT [TRC-20] / [BEP-20], $10 BTC / ETH.

Payout type: manual (processing request within 24 hours).

Plan NameProfit PercentageInterest AccrualDeposit TermDeposit AmountDeposit ReturnTotal ReturnNet Profit

Plan 4%

4% per daycalendar days20 daysfrom $25at the end of term180%80% + 5% our bonus = 85%

Plan 5%

5% per daycalendar days20 daysfrom $501at the end of term200%100% + 5% our bonus = 105%

We would like to remind you that for the swagronomy.net project, our blog has established an indefinite insurance fund of $500. Thanks to this, investments in the project will be even safer.

Don't forget to request a referral bonus for the project, which is $5% of your deposit. To request a deposit bonus, go to the page: request a referral bonus and fill out the form.

Video review Swagronomy

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments of the video and provide their username on our blog will receive a $1 bonus! Only our partners are eligible to participate!

Affiliate Program

The partnership program in the Swagronomy project is three-tiered. There is no option to improve the partnership program.

Standard partnership program:

  • Reward: 5% – 2% – 1% of your partners' deposits;
  • Conditions: You need to register on the website.

Project Instruction

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to work with this investment project, covering account registration, a step-by-step deposit creation guide, and fund withdrawal.

  • Registration
  • Deposit Creation
  • Fund Withdrawal


Swagronomy is a high-yield project that recently started, and we are joining the promotion among the first participants.

The only relevant tariff we highlight allows you to earn 4% daily for 20 days with a deposit return at the end. However, since the marketing operates on the principle of a piggy bank, you can withdraw the deposit body at any time with a 20% penalty.

Both the design and technical aspects of the website are standard. Available for investment: the payment system ePayCore, a standard set of cryptocurrencies, and Tether as a stablecoin.

We always adhere to diversification rules, do not deposit the entire amount, distribute it among projects, and leave some for new ones that may appear soon. Wishing you successful and profitable investments!

Risk Reminder

Investing always involves risks. It's very important to always remember and understand this. The above-mentioned company is no exception, so it's worth reminding you of the main investment rules:

  • Never invest in High-Yield After Plans where the deposit and interest are paid at the end of the term. You won't receive payouts under such plans (e.g., 6500% in 100 days).
  • Diversify your funds. In other words, don't invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the return rate, the higher the risks. Don't forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after earnings.
  • Before investing, check the project's status.
  • Do not invest borrowed funds.
  • Be prepared to lose money and invest with disposable income.

Project News

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Our Profit Schedule
Our deposit


140$ / 47%
Deposits from Our Investors

17 pc.


1 495$

Average deposit




Investments in the Project

Comments (76)

  1. Managerruslan 11 October 2023 00:01

    Благодарю за страховку 33$, играем дальше

  2. sherif 3 October 2023 20:45

    Компенсация получена! Спасибо! 

    Your deposit of 38.28 USDT is now available in your Binance account.

  3. akimskate 3 October 2023 02:35

    Спасибо за страховку
    The amount of 14.61 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21717020->U26872882. Memo: API Payment. Compensation by RichMonkey.biz for Swagronomy.. Date: 13:37 02.10.23. Batch: 544186297.

  4. 4difeer666 1 October 2023 00:13

    Очень странный маркетинг, да и картинки из пейнта о языках дали понять,что тут какой-то недоадминчик

  5. UdayAS8 30 September 2023 23:29

    I didn't like the site or the project at all so I decided not to participate.. it was a good decision

  6. teqillaqq 30 September 2023 15:11

    спасибо за рефбек

  7. Artur987 30 September 2023 13:34

    спасибо за рефбек

  8. drobnitsa1960 30 September 2023 00:12

    Рефбэк 6,25$ по проекту получил, спасибо.

  9. Managerruslan 29 September 2023 23:24

    Ну ладно, бывает. С учётом рефбека 5$ убыток 75$. Бывает, полетели дальше

  10. Managerruslan 29 September 2023 23:24

    Получил несколько выплат, всего 20$

  11. richmonkey 29 September 2023 22:26

    ‼️ Не вкладывать!

    🔸 Не долго музыка играла, чат закрыт, выплат нет. Работа без результата. Админ так торопился выпускать новости, видимо все закончились. Есть страховой фонд в размере 500$ для тех у кого остались потери.

    ⚠️ Можно подавать заявки на компенсацию!

  12. richmonkey 29 September 2023 20:27

    Закрыт чат в тг, новые депозиты не создаем!

    1. akimskate 29 September 2023 20:42

      Вот блин, чуйка не подвела, подвели руки которые депнули несмотря на чуйку))

  13. richmonkey 29 September 2023 12:41

    Получили выплату +50$

  14. drobnitsa1960 29 September 2023 00:31

    Пятая, и снова очень быстрая выплата из проекта:

    Withdrawal $5.00 Sep-28-2023 10:19:15 PM 

    Withdraw to account MWVBPC21n6cPxmG2itg4x7cG7YpkYE*** 

    Batch is f9a6f71fa1fea0cbdfddf1b5944c5fae7ae4ad5884b7c8c8bc91694e0399cde1

  15. sattor92 28 September 2023 20:00

    проект платит! вывод пришел

  16. alsofter 28 September 2023 12:51

    Получил выплату

  17. drobnitsa1960 28 September 2023 02:01

    Четвертая исключительно быстрая выплата из проекта:

    Withdrawal $5.00 Sep-27-2023 10:26:42 PM 

    Withdraw to account MWVBPC21n6cPxmG2itg4x7cG7YpkYE*** 

    Batch is dd2c1aa61a96955336686e77c8c61131f0efafab7aa356d3ae8cad7e8af76d04

  18. akimskate 28 September 2023 01:38


    ID операции: 1998435
    Дата операции: 27.09.2023 13:53
    Сумма: 1.6 USD
    Примечание: Withdraw to Akimskate from swagronomy.net

  19. HyipMoney 27 September 2023 20:47

    ✅ PAYING Swagronomy

    Transactions details: 8 USDT

    Transfer account: TW3WXRdrzU61oVdu8uQyxzGVfYefGqkCmt

    Receiving account: TSYqAwe4rcAN9gUjqZXhXTKp1jWwPPAHfL

    Transaction id: 69f6a6187f35137994dc18540480581394cb3acf775b612fce03a6b757f6f281

    Transaction time: 2023-09-27 21:19:12

  20. sattor92 27 September 2023 20:23

    сегодняшний профит получил

  21. alsofter 27 September 2023 19:27

    Выплата от swagronomy:

  22. sherif 27 September 2023 14:41

    Your deposit of 8 USDT is now available in your Binance account.

  23. be1arusss 27 September 2023 13:55

    рефбэк 2.5$ получен

  24. be1arusss 27 September 2023 13:16

    Новый депозит 50$

  25. Marat1990 27 September 2023 08:44

    Получил выплату!

  26. akimskate 27 September 2023 01:12


    ID операции: 1995586
    Дата операции: 26.09.2023 14:16
    Сумма: 1.6 USD
    Примечание: Withdraw to Akimskate from swagronomy.net

  27. akimskate 27 September 2023 01:12

    Спаисбо за бонус за отзыв на ютубе!

    The amount of 1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21717020->U26872882. Memo: API Payment. Приз за отзыв на Youtube канале RichMonkey.biz.. Date: 18:12 26.09.23. Batch: 542683889.

  28. drobnitsa1960 26 September 2023 23:33

    Платит действительно очень быстро. Третья выплата из проекта практически в режиме инстант:

    Withdrawal $5.00Sep-26-2023 09:15:42 PM

    Withdraw to account MWVBPC21n6cPxmG2itg4x7cG7YpkYE*** 

    Batch is a7aa1bb633a6c86ff61f321407f357887760f3115361a4a509e1399ed8444c57

  29. Rancasar 26 September 2023 22:50

    Пришла первая выплата с проекта за 7 минут!

  30. sattor92 26 September 2023 20:45

    отлично! получил еще выплату +8$



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