Legends in HYIPs and Their Purpose

Legends in HYIPs and Their Purpose
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Legends of investment projects provide potential investors with information about the organization's activities.

Novices believe what is written and think that the HYIP will function forever, paying dividends. They encourage friends, relatives, and acquaintances to invest, proving that it is a real company engaged in serious business.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, such information is fictional. Let's consider a few popular legends.

Betting on Sporting Events

Legends on such resources claim that the organization employs "successful, professional handicappers" who know everything about the world of bets but, for some reason, want to carry them out at the expense of project participants.

Administrators do not provide reports and screenshots of winning bets because bookmakers may limit the bets of their "successful handicappers."

User Power Leasing

For example, an organization rents space on a hard drive, making monthly payments at a rate of 25% of its contribution. This is invented to divert attention. A project participant invests money, after which his hard drive is intentionally filled with unnecessary information, and payments are made thanks to new investors.

Trading Assets on Stock and Currency Exchanges

Forex and binary options are familiar to the overwhelming majority of internet users, so administrators often use these terms as a legend.


Similar investments in HYIP projects imply that, according to the project's legend, the participant acts as a usurer. He provides microloans with interest. At first glance, everything looks quite plausible, but it's hard to imagine the astronomical interest rate for which there will be many willing borrowers.


Here, two main options are traced:

  • The investment platform has created its own innovative cryptocurrency, the mining of which is provided exclusively to its participants.
  • The platform trades on the cryptocurrency exchange, using the difference in rates, and participants receive dividends from the profits obtained.

Tourism Business

The legend of the project states that the investor invests money in the tourism business, which promises fabulous profits in the future. This can be real estate rental, air travel, vehicle rental, etc.

Other Legends

Reviews about HYIPs state that such investment platforms provide a variety of legends. This can be the extraction of minerals or the conquest of the universe. They can be straightforward or convoluted and are only needed to attract investments. The main thing is not to take them too seriously.

How to Find Profitable HYIPs That Pay?

Nowadays, there are many investment platforms with various, often ridiculous, legends on the internet. But that does not mean that it is impossible to earn on them.

To find HYIP projects that pay, visit HYIP monitoring on our website. Here you can read investor reviews about resources and familiarize yourself with the administrator's comments.

Honest monitoring will not only help to classify, select the most attractive platforms for investment, and provide a rating of the TOP HYIP projects.

Using accumulated experience, the administrator assesses the fund's potential. Independently monitors high-yield projects and publishes current information. This is how the rating of investment resources is formed.

Hyip monitor puts the best new HYIP projects from trusted admins at the top of the rating, allowing participants to stay in profit. From the presented platforms, the user will choose several of the most preferable options.

Monitoring of paying HYIPs will help minimize risks and get substantial profits. Visit our website, and you will be aware of the most current events.

The best HYIP monitoring presented on our site will protect potential investors from rash actions and scammers.

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